toilet-transThe provision of sanitary facilities is one of the best services you can offer people visiting your transportation agency. Most people stop at gas stations in search of bathrooms and end up going back to fuel and use the bathroom. If the bathroom is clean, a driver and his passengers are always willing to hold on and fuel at the next station where they can find a clean bathroom. People are always looking for cleanliness, luxury comfort, and went looking for ecofriendly toilets in a toilet. You need to be comfortable to be sure that laying your bag on the floor will not result in it collecting e-coli. The TOTO ElongatedNeorest provides the cleanliness, luxury, and comfort that you are looking for. The elongated nearest model consists of features that will attract people to visit your bathroom and your transportation agency soon after that. Its features are innovative and responsive to the user’s needs. The toilet senses a person approaching the toilet and sprays a mist in the bowling unit to discourage the adherence of any dirt. The deodorizer also turns on as soon as the individual sits on the toilet. The toilet automatically flushes as the user stands from the bowl. The UV lamp which also helps in keeping the toilet germ free can stay on for up to an hour. The toilet also comes with a remote control that helps you control the toilet seat and the temperature. Additionally, the toilet seat heater automatically turns on when a person sits on the seat. The luxury offered by the elongated nearest will transform your toilet into a modern facility that offers relaxation and user satisfaction.

The following are facts you need to know when getting this model for your toilet

  1. Price: The TOTO Elongated Neorest costs around $5650 dollars plus free shipping depending on your shopping website. The model is pricey. However, it gives value for your money with its self-cleaning and lighting features. Most reviewers indicate that although the toilet is pricey, you should not complain because once you use it, you begin to understand the reason it costs over 5 grand.
  2. Professional Installation: Unlike most products that can be delivered to your house and you assemble by yourself; the TOTO Elongated Neorest requires professional installation. The toilet consists of both water and electrical features. It is essential to have a professional plumber install the toilet to ensure that water and electrical plug-ins do not cross or touch each other.
  3. Cleanliness: the luxury toilet consists of automatic cleaning features such as the auto wand cleaning, the deodorizer, photocatalyst cleaning and the auto bowl cleaning. However, this does not mean that you should fire the cleaning lady. Remember that the floor around the toilet, the toilet seat and the exterior parts of the toilets are not automatically cleaned. You still need the cleaning lady to maintain the general cleanliness of the bathroom and the toilet. Therefore, a TOTO Elongated Neorest does not mean that you do not incur cleanliness maintenance cost.