Canon T5i is a powerful camera widely used by transport agency worldwide. It is efficient in capturing clear photos at different angles and heights. The zoom in and zoom out features ensure clear view without compromising on picture quality. Canon series of cameras are renowned for durability and strength. They are shock and waterproof ideal for the transport industry, which captures photos in an outside setup. Transport agency uses Canon T5i serve the following purposes

Traffic conditions

Busy highways and modern cities have a challenge of traffic jams. The agency has Canon T5i cameras placed at major on the point’s highways using affordable manfrotto tripods and connected to their control room to monitor traffic and advises road users appropriately. In a case of accidents, they are able to get the relevant professionals like the traffic police to contain the situation and save lives. States with distinct seasons benefit a lot from Canon T5i cameras since they can clear snow and provide traffic advisory for the benefit of all road users. All these are possible using the powerful features the camera possesses.

The aviation industry is very sensitive, constant monitoring of weather conditions and runway clearances is important to ensure the safety of passengers onboard. The airport control towers have Canon T5i placed in strategic places in the runway to ensure pilots have the safe landing and takeoff.

Traffic roundabouts

Highways have roundabouts as a way to ease congestion, cameras are placed at roundabouts to monitor traffic as well as a security measure. Traffic department can track a suspicious vehicle or use the cameras to nub road users who disobey traffic rules. The cameras have a sensor to help in the control of traffic at the roundabout.

Vehicle monitoring

Transport agency is also responsible for car tracking and monitoring. Their internal vehicle tracking is a security measure to assist traffic police in monitoring carjackers or any suspicious activity on the road. If you are a victim of car theft, do not worry, the transport agency with their Canon T5i placed strategically are there to sort you out.

Weather cameras

Weather information is crucial in the transport industry. It determines people’s travel plans, type of clothing and general planning of their daily endeavors. The weather forecasting department always provides daily weather conditions but transport agency is there to monitor emergency weather situations to inform the public. Some of the things include hurricanes, tsunamis. In water transport, the traffic boats can capture any strong ocean currents and winds as well.


Transport agency is a complex institution, which requires safety and keenness. Any small mistake is disastrous. Cannon T5i helps to sort issues where visual evidence is required. The strength and powerful features it possesses makes it the most sought after gadget in the industry and a good laptop can be used for editing photos easily.

Other features include video capture, advanced settings to suit different scenes and balance. If you need to adjust the flash for night captures, the inbuilt flush is efficient and effective. Transport agency has no regrets in investing in Canon T5i camera.