How Paddle can Improve Your Table Tennis Match

Improve table tennis match with this specific paddle to have a skyrocket shot and compete with your co-workers in a transportation agency

There are many factors that influence the table tennis paddle that you purchase. A novice player cannot use the same paddle as an experienced player. Different paddles offer different power, spin, and control to a player. A novice player must take the time to understand his strengths, weaknesses, and style of playing in order to select an appropriate paddle. An appropriate paddle provides the player with a competitive advantage over his co-workers in the transportation agency. A novice player might choose a powerful paddle but remain disadvantaged because it has more power than he can handle. The following are an array of popular paddles that novice and experienced players can choose from.

This paddle receives positive reviews from most of the players that use it. The paddle goes for less than 75 dollars which are economical for a professional racket. If you are a beginner you do not want to spend over 100 dollars on a paddle that does not suit your playing skills. The paddle is appropriate for beginners and experienced players. What it does not have to power and spin, the paddle makes up for in control. Its short wooden handle provides the player with 90 percent control. Nonetheless, while most players praise it for its material quality, most remain disappointed in its assembly. The paddle has a high probability of cracking.

  • The Killerspin JET200

The Killerspin JET200 also receives positive reviews from players. Most players indicate that it is well built and performs according to the promised expectation. The paddle has 1.8 millimeters of foam compared to the 1.5 millimeters in paddles in the same price range. The foam gives the paddle greater control of a rating of around 8 out of 10. Its rubber surfaces also increase the control of the paddle. Defensive players and beginners prefer a paddle like Killerspin JET200 that offers them control. Killerspin targets new and young players. Therefore, they also make aesthetically pleasing paddles. For instance, the JET200 is blue in color although it has been reported to come off during playing.

  • The Stiga Pro carbon

The Stiga Pro Carbon provides the player with control, speed, and spin of 80, 99 and 100 respectively. The paddle requires an experienced player looking for more power and control in his game. The pro carbon is different from the stiga evolution because of the addition of carbon in its material composition. The paddle consists of a well-balanced blade providing a professional experience for advanced players. The stiga pro carbon has its shortcomings. For instance, its handle and blade edges are rough causing the player to get hand blisters.

  • The DHS Hurricane II

The DHS Hurricane II is one of the best paddles priced at over 100 dollars. The paddle is made of good quality rubber on both sides and has the approval to be used in official tournaments. Its speed power and control are appropriate for a professional or advanced player in search of experience.

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