How Regular Commuters Can Take Advantage Of Bathtubs

Nowadays commuters become tired. Most of the commuters take a bath before they go to sleep. But bathtubs can relax them profoundly. Moreover, bathtubs are a good place to clean your skin. Hence, you can’t ignore a bathtub’s importance in your bathroom.

Bathtubs may seem an expensive and elaborate way of bathing. But, bathtubs have many beneficial aspects. In the past, Kings used the tubs for bathing. It’s relaxing and soothing.

Why Should Regular Commuters Use A Bathtub?

1) Relaxation

You may be an office employee or a commuter. Commuting daily can be tiresome. Hence, you need to relax. Bathing under a shower may be a good option. But bathing in the bathtub is the best option.

Soaking in the bathtub can make your muscles relaxed. As a result, your muscle pains will be reduced. You will feel fresh and energetic.

2) Body Temperature Balance

If you travel for a long time, your body’s temperature increases. This rising temperature is not good. Your blood pressure may increase and you may feel uncomfortable. Hence, you should balance your body’s temperature.

You can use a bathtub for bathing. You can remain 30 to 45 minutes in the bathtub. If you live in a cold place, then you can use mild warm water. This will balance your body’s temperature. Consequently, you feel comfortable.

3) For Better Sleep

Bathing can relax you. It can give you profound sleep. Bathtubs can be a great place for bathing. Hence, you can use bathtubs for bathing.

Bathtubs can help you to cool down. So, soak in your bathtub to relax after a long commute. As a result, you would get a night of complete sleep.

4) To Moisture Your Skin

Bathing under the shower can be quick. You may not get a good chance to moisturize your skin. But bathtubs can soak your skin well. In reality, your skin needs water for a long time. Only a bathtub can provide you with the opportunity to nourish your skin.

As a result, your skin’s condition would improve. It will be healthy and smooth.

5) For Hygiene

You should regularly clean every part of your body. But under the shower, it may not be possible for you to reach every part. Hence, for hygienic reasons, you should use a bathtub. In the bathtub, you can rub and clean your entire body. As a result, no bacteria can harm you and your skin will be clean.

Bath Recipes You can make To Improve Your Hygiene

To improve your health, you need detoxification. You can mix the following ingredients into your bathtub. These recipes can improve your hygiene and health.

Use Epsom Salt

Mix 1 cup or 2 cups of Epsom salt into your bathtub. This salt has some great minerals. These minerals can help you to detoxify.

Use Baking Soda

If you have itching, you can use baking soda. Just mix Epsom salt (half cup), apple cider vinegar (one cup), and baking soda (one cup). Then, soak your skin in the bathtub. Itching problem on your skin would be gone.

Use Bentonite Clay

It’s a great ingredient. It can help to destroy the toxins on your skin. Use Bentonite clay and Epsom salt into your bathtub. Your skin would rejuvenate.

Use Sea Salt and Essential Oils

You can mix sea salt (half cup), few drops of essential oils, and baking soda (half cup) into your bathtub. Then, you can soak your skin in the tub. Your skin will be detoxified and your hygiene will improve.

Bathtubs are great for relaxation. You can read books or browse the internet in your bathtub. Moreover, bathtubs are available in different sizes. So, you can buy bathtubs for all your family members.

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