Why Playing Shuffleboard Is Advisable for Employees of the Department of Transportation Employees During Break

Globally, various sectors are experiencing drastic changes due to technological inventions where some sectors are finding alternative solutions in terms of labour and the workforce. Apparently, the department of transportation is one particular field that has remained a human-based activity with most of the activities being carried out by employees in their given capacities. It is one of the very involving fields that requires hard work and perseverance. Therefore, there is a great need for such employees to get the motivation required to keep them going. Preferably, playing shuffleboard is perhaps one of the great motivational factors that such employees need during their break because of various reasons.

Firstly, when such employees engage in this game, the overall teamwork spirit is developed and boosted. Engaging in a competitive game especially after long hours of working, rejuvenates the employee’s energy and prepares them for more work. It makes them feel comfortable while relaxing as they prepare for the next journey.

Secondly, shuffleboard is one of the physical exercises that play a major role in building the general body functioning. As we all know, transportation involves a lot of tiresome activities which include moving having equipment and sitting for long hours on a steering wheel in order to complete a single journey. Therefore, playing shuffleboard straighten the body and makes the mind sharper.

Thirdly, most of these employees are usually exposed to the risk of suffering from heart-related diseases which can lead to stress. This is so because sometimes they are involved in accidents, they have little time with their families and occasionally goods for delivery might be damaged and as such these expenses are channelled to their earnings. Playing shuffleboards can greatly help them avoid stress by engaging in such a fun game while sharing life experiences with their co-workers.

Last but not least, friendship among these employees is enriched whenever they engage in a competitive sporting activity like shuffleboard. It gives them an opportunity of correcting each other’s mistakes and empowering them. Nonetheless, playing shuffleboard can even become a team building activity apart from motivations talks.

Furthermore, the work of the employees in the transportation sector is very important in everyday human activities as evidenced below. These employees are time conscious since they deliver goods and service to customers within the stipulated time frame. Although they at times register delays, they are not to blame because it’s commonly associated with breakdowns and unavoided circumstances.

Moreover, the transport sector is a profession that requires a lot of experience and accuracy in terms of peoples safety. They have to ensure they move efficiently while keeping the rules that govern this sector appropriately. It is without a doubt that their work requires specialised skills.

These employees play an important role in the societies transportation system since nearly all the everyday activities heavily rely on them. Many activities can obviously remain stuck without their services. Therefore it’s every employer’s obligation to help them have fun and be more productive for the well being of our society and the department of transportation.

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